We are a small, dedicated team of learning designers, producers, facilitators & coaches - supported by a community of specialist associates.


Amber Amoo-Gottfried

Part of our Learning Networks practice stream having joined Koreo in October 2023, Amber delivers project coordination, delivery and impact assessment activities.

Amy Kimmins

Amy is the Development Manager responsible for delivering successful marketing campaigns as part of our business growth work.

Ashanya Griffiths

Ashanya works as a Portfolio Manager working primarily on Koreo’s flagship Charityworks talent programme.

Ben Dewhirst

Ben is a Project Manager working across a varied portfolio within our work specialising in entry routes into and through social change, focusing on coaching and leadership skills.

Craig Pemblington

Craig is Koreo's Head of Business Development, responsible for the strategic development and delivery of our marketing communications and business growth strategy.

Emily Lim

Emily is the Director of Public Acts at the National Theatre and a current Koreo Foundation board member.

Flinn Andreae

Flinn is Koreo's Development Coordinator, responsible for administrating and managing Koreo's communication channels as part of our business growth activity.

Jane Garnham

Jane specialises in individual and organisational learning. She is a qualified coach and action learning facilitator and board member for the Koreo Foundation.

Jordan Rolfe

Jordan is a Senior Consultant and Portfolio Director at Koreo working to design and deliver projects and programmes across our routes into and through employment stream.

Jordana Ramalho

Jordana’s practice focuses on building institutional capacities to work with marginalised groups and to embed an intersectional approach to their work. She is a board member of the Koreo Foundation.

Kathy Brown

Kathy coordinates finance and people processes at Koreo working with the team and our partners across many of our programmes.

Ned Younger

Ned is Koreo's Managing Director specialising in leading Koreo’s emergent learning and community development work, having joined the company in 2010.

Rachel Whale

Founder & CEO of Koreo and the Koreo Foundation, Rachel leads the company, its practice and work in partnership with the team and clients across the UK non-profit sector.

Sam Jenkins

Sam is Director of Finance at Koreo and leads on all financial planning as part of the company’s senior leadership team.

Sheetal Mistry

Sheetal is a Portfolio Director for our Learning Networks at Koreo, leading on the design and delivery of community-based programmes.

Sinmi Labisi

Sinmi is an experienced Project Coordinator responsible for delivering a range of people development programmes in our Routes Into & Through Employment portfolio.

Stephanie Sherman

Stephanie’s work reprograms outmoded systems as collaborative platforms, leveraging surplus, storytelling, and speculation. She is a current board member of the Koreo Foundation.

OUR Story

Founded in 2004 by Rachel Whale - we started life as Vanilla Ventures. The company's roots can be found in Rachel's experiences as a young working class woman who experienced poverty and homelessness but also the joy of growth that came from the discovery of community, education and work as forces for good. Two decades later, we have grown into the company we are today, shaped further by the people, relationships and collaborations we have made along the way.

Our practice

The success of our work relies on our ability to create power spaces for people, organisations and networks to learn together. Our practice is a continual process of learning what makes those spaces most meaningful and how best to create and facilitate them. We share and publish regular thoughts, reflections and ideas related to our work.

How we work

We hope to be a live case study for 21st Century ways of working - moving beyond the limitations of the 19th and 20th Century industrial and colonial pasts that too often still inform and lead organisational design and processes today. As part of this, we seek to respond to the complexity of our times by reimagining the structures, ways and spaces in which we work - experimenting and learning together in the open in the hope we can take this further and also encourage others to experiment in similar ways.