We partner with people, organisations & communities to create radical learning spaces that help us all rise to the urgent demands of the 21st Century.

We work through a combination of consultancy projects and our own programmes and ventures across UK civil society.

OUR practice

Our work is based on the understanding that we are all engaged in constant processes of learning about ourselves, each other, and the world around us. We see these interweaving processes as being at the heart of all social change in a complex world. And we understand that the more we can shape them, the greater our capacity to transform ourselves and our worlds.

In all of our work, we ask:

  1. How can we bring to life the nature and scale of the defining issues of the 21st Century and the transformations needed to address them?
  2. How can we develop capacity for people, communities and networks to lead their ongoing development?
  3. How can we mobilise people, communities and networks around shared missions, focusing on the learning capacity of the whole?
  4. How can we support people, communities and networks to see themselves as part of the broader systems they operate within?
  5. How can we increase capacity for working beyond boundaries and across systems?

As our complex and uncertain world changes, our practice will develop with it. To read more about that development, please visit our journal.

Our offer

Our offer is broad, drawing on a rich tapestry of practice drawn from organisational psychology, coaching and other asset-based approaches, complexity science and systems thinking, equity and inclusion work, innovation practice, futures thinking, and much more.

Organisational Design & Development

We work with social change organisations of all kinds on organisational learning and development. From large scale culture change programmes to discrete strategy and people development projects.

Leadership & Management Development

We put mission at the heart of development work with leaders and managers in social change settings. We do this work in and with organisations, and also at a sector scale to address leadership challenges.

Convening Learning Networks

We design, develop and facilitate cross-sector learning networks and communities of practice. These encourage discovery, innovation and learning across organisational, thematic, and geographic boundaries.

Coaching & Action Learning

Much of our work is grounded in coaching-based approaches. We work with a diverse range of coaches and action learning facilitators as part of broader programmes or bespoke/individual projects.

Facilitation & Strategy Development

We have deep expertise in creating space for groups to do their best thinking. This expertise is often applied within programmes, but we also facilitate bespoke events, meetings, retreats and processes.

Incubation & (Co)Design

As well as responding to briefs, we develop our own learning ventures from concept to scale. We also incubate learning projects with and on behalf of our partners and friends.

Managing Agent

Occasionally, we manage a project or venture on behalf of a partner or client. This has ranged from supporting the management of specific projects to whole organisations and physical spaces.