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A just and regenerative world is possible. The talent to build it is everywhere. The work of making it is for everyone. It will require radical learning.


The Koreo Foundation was established in 2022 as the corporate foundation of Koreo Ltd, a learning consultancy dedicated to imagining and building a more just and regenerative world. The Foundation is an independent charity governed by a combination of independent trustees and Koreo employees, and is chaired by Koreo Founder and CEO Rachel Whale.


Generating research, funding ideas and creating learning programmes that educate and support people to enter, develop and transform the work of social change in the UK, we

  1. Research & Ideas: Research and promote radical ideas and new perspectives to inform and influence social change practice.
  2. Building the Field: Find, support and platform the people doing radical social change work. We create spaces and resources for them to connect, learn and distribute their practices.
  3. Programme Incubation: Deliver programmes and fund initiatives that progress radical social change ideas and practices, ensuring the sector benefits from a rich and sustainable pipeline of talent and develops leaders contributing towards a sustainable power shift in civil society - towards a more just and equitable sector.

Our Values

Just - We create spaces that are inclusive in which everyone can fully participate, conscious of power dynamics and we seek out diverse forms of knowledge and expertise to inform design and delivery.  

Regenerative - We root in and adapt our work to context, considering what we're leaving behind when our work is done and striving to be a catalyst for ongoing change.

Curious - We seek understanding of the context & the wider opportunity, valuing and creating capacity for inquiry and reflection.  We work in the open and respond to feedback and evaluation.

Courageous - We have high expectations of the work and the people we are working with, bringing and holding challenges effectively and pushing our practice forward with imagination and experimentation.

Collective - We bring people together around shared learning missions and think about the learning needs of individuals alongside those of the whole, holding the two in balance


Emily Lim

Emily is the Director of Public Acts at the National Theatre and a current Koreo Foundation board member.

Jane Garnham

Jane specialises in individual and organisational learning. She is a qualified coach and action learning facilitator and board member for the Koreo Foundation.

Jordana Ramalho

Jordana’s practice focuses on building institutional capacities to work with marginalised groups and to embed an intersectional approach to their work. She is a board member of the Koreo Foundation.

Rachel Whale

Founder & CEO of Koreo and the Koreo Foundation, Rachel leads the company, its practice and work in partnership with the team and clients across the UK non-profit sector.

Stephanie Sherman

Stephanie’s work reprograms outmoded systems as collaborative platforms, leveraging surplus, storytelling, and speculation. She is a current board member of the Koreo Foundation.