Our Company Toolkit

Bringing to life what it means to be and work at Koreo.

This Toolkit brings together the fundamentals of how we work together at Koreo. Composed in four parts, and updated regularly, it is a living library of our collective rights and responsibilities and latest experiments, innovations and ideas for a 21st Century world of work.

You can explore everything below.

PART 1: The Koreo Book

Bringing together the shared story of who we are as a company including an introduction to our mission, values, practice and brand.


Sharing and socialising our long-term and latest priorities which guide all of our work and actions across the team - with a direct line of sight to our company story.

PART 3: OUR Contracts

Shared statements of our working relationships - with trust, agency and security at heart. Whether as a client or member of the team, these living agreements offer clarity about our partnership, promote equity and inclusivity and build a powerful platform that supports us to do our best work together.

PART 4: Ways of working

A library of the ways we organise as a company including policies and procedures that help us do our best work together; with just enough structure and process to enable high quality, efficient but fundamentally human work - prioritising impact and our wellbeing.

Are you interested?

If you're interested in our work to reimagine the world of work, have ideas or want to work with us, we'd be delighted to hear from you and talk about how we can partner together. Just drop us a message anytime on Twitter @HelloKoreo or email hello@koreo.co. You can also learn more about us and see our current vacancies here.