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We deliver training workshops as standalone pieces of work, or as part of bigger projects.

At their best, group workshops are a powerful way to build a sense of community in a group and are a great way to inform, energise, and motivate people together.

Usually, a workshop is a whole or half day session that brings a group of people to learn about a particular skill (or set of skills), or a particular issue. We can deliver workshops on a range of topics; management, mentoring, difficult conversations, coaching, self-management, innovation and foresight to mention just a few. Equally, if you need us to create something bespoke, we can do that too.

Like many of our interventions, they’re facilitated in a high-support high-challenge way, with stakeholder consultation beforehand, and robust evaluation to follow up.


At their best, group workshops are a powerful way to build a sense of community in a group.

As well as warming people up beforehand with pre-reading materials or practical tasks we use methodologies like role play, group work, practical problem-solving, and co-production. Depending on the theme or the topic, we also often bring in expert opinion from either our team or the wider world of social change.

Finally, our workshops are always action-orientated so people are expected to identify actions to take away at the end, then apply them back to the work setting meaning that they are always designed so that people stay connected to the context and purpose of their work.


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Care International

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Facilitation & Strategy Development

Helping teams and organisations develop excellent strategy and working practice.

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