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The Client

UWLSU is the students’ union for the University of West London - dedicated to improving the lives of their student membership.

The Challenge

Helping a new management team to change organisational culture and implement a new strategy.

The Project

The new leadership team at UWLSU asked us to help them deliver a culture change project at the union, aligning the staff team as a whole behind a new strategy.

You couldn’t hope for a more committed or dynamic team than we found at UWLSU. Starting with the CEO Kat and her Deputy Ben, and going right through the organisation, the desire to deliver brilliant results for their students was palpable right from the start.

It’s hard to exaggerate what a big head start that attitude was for a project like this, but it doesn’t mean the project was straightforward. Culture change is a process for any organisation – changing the way people think, feel and behave is tough and takes time. So a big part of this project was to win the support of the staff team, by taking them on a journey with us.



The Impact

The progress we achieved together came from the fact we won trust amongst the staff quickly and deployed interventions that are designed to create this type of change – an SDI diagnostic process, action learning sets, peer coaching, live team coaching and creative team building retreats.

As a result of our interventions they’ve now rolled out peer coaching across the organisation, are practicing one-to-one techniques in their practical supervision, and continue to work with action learning techniques resulting in a strong cultural shift. Most importantly, the Union can show how their performance rating amongst students has accelerated and as a result their funding from the University has increased.

What they want to look at next is a longer term development programme of 12-18 months that drives innovative practice so we’ve just designed a new programme for them with the goal of driving innovative ideas and evidenced-based practice in their organisation.


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