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RADAR is a weekly reading list sent round to a few thousand of our best friends by our Deputy Director Ned, every Friday lunchtime.

It started as an email just for the team here, intended to be a pretty unscientific round up of the week’s news/comments/opinions from and about the world of social change.

There’s usually some stuff from UK civil society, some from the US/abroad, and some thinking about personal development and leadership.

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Hi everyone,

Welcome back to RADAR. On the day of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, this week’s questionable oaths include: women’s marches, the NCS report, community housing, devolved decision-making, the Istanbul Convention, and more.

Grabbing Back
As we bid goodbye to BO and say hello to DJT, let’s look ahead to tomorrow’s Women’s Marches, taking place around the world. You can find the plan for the London iteration here. If you need some tips on how to make a killer protest sign – look no further. Also, I found Obama’s last interview in office, with some of his former speechwriters, very lovely (here).

The National Audit Office this week published their report on NCS, the government’s flagship youth volunteering programme. With the commitment from government freshly renewed as part of the PM’s Shared Society speech, the report found the programme missing targets and overspending. Here.

Quick Links
  • Really great blog post from Koreo associate and Charityworks Fellow Ellie Munro (who coincidentally is speaking to the CW16 cohort today) on the campaign to ratify the Istanbul Convention. Here.
  • Guardian piece on the East London Community Land Trust, who have succeeded in creating housing where prices will be linked to local income. Well worth reading. Here.
  • An interesting piece on the way decisions are made at OuiShare (a sharing community). A look into an organisation that aims to be fundamentally collaborative. Here.
  • Nice spot here on the HistPhil site on archives, and how history can shed light on contemporary social issues and interventions. Here.
  • You may well have seen the report/meme going round a couple of weeks ago that 8 men own the same wealth as half the world. Tim Harford’s More or Less programme took that on to see if it was true or not. Here.
  • I thought this was an interesting new faculty being set up at UCL – the Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose. It joins their Institute of Global Prosperity, the head of which is a judge for the Koreo Prize. Here.
  • Wonder how many people will identify with this piece on the US army’s reliance on Powerpoint, and the opportunity to get rid of it. Here.
  • The Richmond Group published a new report which used case studies to look at how the better use of data can improve health and wellbeing. Here.
  • And finally, a video of Jeremy Corbyn raving. Here.

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