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The Challenge

Effecting change from a distance.

The Response

Bespoke products that bring the cause into the heart of the day job.

The challenge of distance is persistent across all of our work.

One way we overcome this is to embed practice in the day job through physical product. The power of objects in our work is their ability to shift our experience, perspective, and encourage reflection at points where tools would otherwise be invisible. That’s why we are in a constant state of developing, testing and iterating physical products that encourage behaviour change.


The Koreo Timeline Exercise asks participants to reflect on their story within an organisation through a collective exercise. Everyone shares their joining date and significant events that have happened during their time with the organisation. This practice of sharing and listening to each other’s stories produces a collective physical timeline. The exercise acts as a great connectivity piece, positioning the history of the organisation and its people in an unusual way.


Koreo Competency Cubes are a way to have a visual and physical reminder of your organisational behaviours in the workplace, encouraging frequent and light touch self-reflection. Adapted to your behaviour framework, each dice has a coloured RAG-B status on each face. All you need to do is think about each behaviour, reflect about how you’re demonstrating it and position the cubes to show the corresponding face. There’s no rule as to how often you should use cubes, but we suggest re-ordering them at least once a week. What you’ll get is a visual reminder of areas you feel really strong in and areas that are a bit more challenging.


Applying methods of user experience and human-centered design, creating a product that takes people on a journey, feels special, and encourages engagement can elevate the experience of any programme. That’s why we work with clients on a case-by-case basis to create bespoke collateral that responds to the needs of their project. One example of this is the Mind treasure chest, were we gifted a beautifully designed, sustainably and locally made box of goodies to participants, lifting the sense of community, programme identity, and giving practical tools to take back into the day job.


A flexible project that uses storytelling through objects to bring your mission into the heart of your organisation. A great way of building connections and encouraging fresh perspectives, this project cumulates in a physical pop-up exhibition in your office of a collection of object stories chosen by your people, about your cause.

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