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Where we came from

One of the reasons I’m so proud of Koreo is because it’s the product of about a decade of shared experimentation and curiosity.

When I set up Koreo in the late-00s it was called Vanilla, and lived in a repurposed garage at the bottom of the garden. I’d just become a Mum for the second time, and had left my job as a senior leader in a mental health charity to do my own thing. It was founded on the belief that talent was the fundamental force of social change, and while it feels like almost everything else has changed, that belief has been a constant.

Having spent a few years helping all sorts of mission-led organisations with all sorts of different projects and problems, the launch of Charityworks was the start of our evolution towards what we are today. I was joined by Ned and Amy, and then others, and we became an organisation.

In time Charityworks became a national programme, was joined by Change100, Good Women, and briefly Good Futures, all while we continued to work on consultancy projects for organisations across the social sector. Now we’re a national organisation with a terrific team and group of associates, not to mention supporters, friends and partners throughout the whole social change ecosystem in the UK and beyond.

Over the last 10 years we’ve worked across sectors, around the world, on successes and failures, met amazing new people, set up organisations, built networks, and attracted a team of super-talented people to work together.

But I think what I’ve valued the most is an honest, constant, collective attempt to figure out our most powerful contribution to making the world a better place. What are we great at? What have we learnt from all the work we’ve done? What are our driving beliefs? How can we address, and help others to address, the defining issues of our time? We ask these questions of ourselves all the time.

Where we're going

I feel very lucky that my pride in where we’ve come from is always eclipsed by my excitement about where we are and where we’re going.

Right now we’re able to be clearer than ever about what we do, why, and how. And, most importantly, we’re able to put it into practice constantly with some of the most forward thinking impact organisations in the world.

We’re working for a world in which social impact is part of every job, regardless of sector or role. Where the definition of success at work is inextricably linked to the value you’ve created for the world. We’re going to continue taking this vision into organisations in all sectors, using it to bring together networks of people and organisations who want to change the world, and supporting people to have the biggest possible impact they can.

And we’ve built a team and culture that reflects our mission. A team that cares massively about its work and its impact; a culture that is connected internally and externally; and an organisation that is consistently more than the sum of its parts.

We mobilise talent to address the defining issues of our time. Join us!



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