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This is how we work

Our work is our culture is our people is our brand is our strategy is our values.

Our ethos across all our work is to be Conscious, Curious, Challenged, Connected, and motivated by real Change.

These 5 Cs drive the way we work, and we want everyone we work with to benefit from them too. We seek to be aware of ourselves and our environment, to be in a constant state of exploration and discovery, to seek out challenge for ourselves as well as providing it for others, to be connected to each other and the wider world of social change, and to always be focused on the change we are seeking to make.

We have learnt that good leaders demonstrate these values themselves, and encourage the same values in others.


Campaigning spirit: Demonstrates a commitment to bringing about change to help solve social problems and make the world work better.

Delivers results: Focused on delivering results on time, is proud of achievements and challenges a culture that is not results driven.

Is ambitious: Demonstrates an ambition for personal development and company success. Identifies opportunities and is proactive in putting forward ideas and potential solutions.


Self-aware & reflective: Aware of the motivations and values that influence them. Takes the opportunity to reflect on performance and then to act on those reflections.

Conscious of others: Demonstrates high emotional intelligence, is aware of their impact and influence on others.

Aware of the wider world: Aware of the current landscape they are working in and how they and the broader company fit into that landscape.


Personal curiosity: Eager to learn about themselves to improve our performance and deliver work more effectively

Innovative & Entrepreneurial: Generates and/or adapts new and imaginative ideas to address challenges, organisational situations and problems.

Customer focus & insight: Shows commitment, desire and ability to anticipate, meet and exceed the needs and expectations of the people we work with and for.


Challenges themselves: Develops and improves through setting stretch goals/targets, trying new things, and seeking our feedback.

Challenges others: Challenges the team and company, and the people we work with, to improve and fulfil their potential.

Rises to Challenge: Retains focus, composure and optimism even during difficult or challenging situations.


Builds positive relationships: Respects and works well within the team and collaborates effectively.

Communicates with impact: Communicates clearly with internal and external stakeholders. Works to maintain and enhance the company’s corporate profile and reputation.

Inspires Connection: Inspires connection in other people and organisations, and connect with the wider world in which we work through our networks and learning.

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