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MInd Leadership Programme

The Client

One of the leading mental health charities in the UK.

The Challenge

Developing a unified leadership culture across a federated structure.

The Project

A bespoke 18-Month programme, working across three tiers of the federation to develop consistency, resilience, skills and behaviours across their Leaders.

Koreo has a long-standing relationship with Mind through our Charityworks Programme and consultancy assignments in both local and National Minds. This affinity, combined with our close alignment on values, means it is a pleasure to be working with Mind in reimagining their current approach to developing people across the network.

Our work on this project began with an in-depth consultation process to uncover the core challenges that the federation faces and we are now in a delivery phase, working with 100 participants under the shared ambition of reaching over 300 of their people.

Our relationship with Mind means that we work together in a bold way, testing new products and approaches to optimise the impact that we are trying to achieve. An example of this is a bespoke Leadership Behaviour Framework that places the cause of Mental Health at its heart. Two things are essential to all of Mind’s work: first, being an excellent campaigning organisation and second, providing brilliant recovery orientated frontline services, and so we used this as a starting point to develop a range of behaviours that have the potential to accelerate the specific cause and mission that is shared across the federation.

The Design Principles

Built around varied programme of coaching, Action Learning, bespoke retreats, and core skills development, 6 core Design Principles underpin our work with Mind:

  1. Putting Cause at the heart of the programme. We believe that cause should be at the heart of every piece of development work. In order to do this, we have reimagined ways to ensure the service-user experience features across a number of interventions on the programme for Mind: using play and imagination, rethinking leadership and management competency frameworks in the context of the core behaviours needed to deliver the cause of an organisation, storytelling to take people back to the origins of the organisation, and situating the programme to places where the work actually happens.
  2. Tactical design of cohorts. We know that the organisation wanted to build an opportunity for forming authentic peer groups. We also know a key objective is to target three tiers of leaders and managers and drive greater connectivity across the Mind network, so we have thought a lot about how to form natural peer groups, how to target interventions towards individuals whilst also developing relationships across organisational layers, busting silos as we go.
  3. Highly targeted interventions. We appreciate that this programme needs to target the right people, with the right intervention, at the right time.
  4. Contextualised for the day job. Through our experience of delivering programmes dedicated to social change in a range of contexts, we know that one of the most common weaknesses in people development is the disconnect between the development experience and the day job. The interventions proposed in this design have been chosen to apply directly to people’s work, so the skills and perspectives developed can really impact on practice.
  5. A life beyond the programme. The focus of this programme is the development of a values based organisational culture, therefore rather than a linear experience we’ve created opportunity for ongoing development, recognising culture change will continue to develop beyond the programme.
  6. Develops entrepreneurialism and innovation. We were particularly struck from the consultation by the need for innovative thinking in order to drive forward both culture and practice. As such, we have developed this proposal with a clear intention to help participants develop and demonstrate entrepreneurial energy and imagination.


Our history of working with Mind combined with the fact that one in four people in the UK experiences a mental health problem each year and the centrality of wellbeing to organisational health and productivity makes our work with Mind all the more exciting.

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