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The Problem

The need to understand and bring to life complex social issues in order to address them effectively.

The Response

A platform for young people to explore current social issues in a way that celebrates their complexity.

Fresh takes on complex issues

Open to young people under the age of 27 across the UK, the Koreo Prize 2017 aimed to give young people a platform to explore current social issues in a way that celebrates their complexity.

Today’s defining social issues are grand in scale and wickedly complex. They defy consensus and simple understanding, and silver bullet solutions often do more harm than good.

And yet, in an increasingly polarized world, the temptation is often to see things in black and white, even when progress invariably comes from collaboration, connection and compromise. In the aftermath of Brexit, and in the context of an often toxic political discourse, the ability to understand things from a variety of angles is ever more important.

We want to inspire young people to approach social issues in a way that embraces their complexity, to seek out different and conflicting points of view, to understand that there is no right answer to complex issues, and to acknowledge how a range of perspectives is key to progress.

A UK first, the prize asked entrants to choose one of 6 defining social issues, and bring that issue to life through a story or series of stories. These issues have been chosen as complex issues facing the UK which also align to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


The Koreo Prize 2019 is launching soon

How it Works

Entrants use any combination of media, and are judged on their ability to tell a compelling story, provide real insight into the issue in question, as well as their ability to consider the whole of the issue rather than just one angle.

Submissions are being judged by a cross-sector panel of experts, and the range of prizes on offer will include work placements at leading organisations, free enrolment in learning and development opportunities, cash prizes, and mentoring/shadowing opportunities across sectors.

Freya introduces the Koreo Prize.


Event: Koreo Prize Exhibition

Join us on 7th November to celebrate young changemakers & the inaugural Koreo Prize.

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Koreo Prize Finalists

A time capsule of social issues in 2017, explore the work of our Koreo Prize Finalists.

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