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The Problem

The lack of open, free cross sector women’s networks dedicated to social change.

The Response

A totally free, open network for women, at all levels and in all sectors, interested in social change.

The Project

Good Women is a free and open network for women interested in social change, across any sector, role, organisation and stage of life or career.

It exists because Good Women are everywhere: leading charities, social enterprises, families, and businesses in great directions to support their staff and supply chains, deliver good outcomes, and not damage people or the planet in the process.

It was founded on the belief that women’s networks were too often exclusive to particular roles, sector specific, expensive, or just not much fun. We wanted to create an antidote to that. A network that could genuinely be shaped by its members rather than belonging to any one group or perspective.

That’s been a guiding philosophy, and once the space was created the conversations happened naturally. Currently, the network comes together in a couple of ways, but as it develops we hope it will inspire spin offs, debates and relationships that have nothing to do with us!



We have a regular meet-up, often hosted by a partner organisation like the Impact Hub network. Right from the beginning of these meet-ups we were struck by how quickly themes and connections sprung up around the room. Usually but not always run over the course of an evening, meet-ups provide plenty of opportunities to meet and connect with people, plus we also have a regular ‘soapbox’, where anyone in the network can stand up and talk about something they want the room to know about. They’ve been totally amazing so far – so come to the next one!



We wanted to create an antidote to women’s networks that were exclusive to particular roles, sector specific, expensive, or just not much fun.

Innovation hubs

The idea behind the Innovation Lab is simple. We wanted to create a space where women with different perspectives and experiences come together in order to discuss and innovate around specific social issues. We decided to move away from clear outcomes and see what emerges from the community’s collective intelligence. The outcome could be a campaign, a mentorship programme, a business or even a support group. We love the fact that we don’t know.


Join Good Women

Good Women is a network for women in all sectors and roles, at any stage of their career.

Our Work

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