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Facilitation & Strategy

We know that excellent strategy is fundamental for an organisation’s success, and that the process of creating that strategy is often just as important as the strategy itself.

That’s why, whether it’s a one-hour breakout session, an away day or a 3-day retreat, we bring a highly responsive, creative approach to classic facilitation and design. We want to ensure that both the process and the outcome is as powerful as possible for your team, department, organisation or network.



Our Approach

The key to good facilitation is carefully listening to the needs and context of the team, organisation or network in question.

That’s why phase one of our strategic facilitation is always to establish context by getting a really clear brief. The more we understand what makes your organisation tick the better the outcome, because the better we can tailor the design of the sessions to your specific context and the more we can bring your ambition and mission into the room.

Regardless of the context, our style is to give you lots of support, lots of challenge, and lots of positive energy. We’ll work you hard to make sure you get to where you need to go.

The joy of facilitation is that you never know what’s going to happen until you’re in the room with people, because you don’t know what the dynamic is going to be, where the energy is going to be, and what they’re going to respond to and how. So we make sure we respond to the room, and continually adapt the programme based on what we observe.

Ultimately, regardless of the piece of work, we know that you can’t just be a strategist or a facilitator – you have to blend the two and be great at engaging with and developing the people in the room. Our experience is that by bringing that attitude you get the best results from the people involved, the process, and ultimately the result.

Our Work

University of West London Student’s Union

Helping a leadership team at a student union to implement a new strategy and change culture.

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Case Study

Care International

Helping a global NGO develop a private sector engagement strategy.

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