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Practicing what we preach

Practicing what we preach:

Our work is to develop people, organisations and networks. We aim to do that just as effectively for ourselves as we do for the people we work with.

Koreo is full of talent, and our success will always depend on our ability to develop, connect and celebrate that talent as we continue to grow. We also know that talented people will come and go within our company so however long you spend here, we want you to feel proud of the contribution you have made and how you have developed professionally.

Keeping an eye on progress

At Koreo, we try to build a holistic picture of how people are doing by considering 4 things: progress against personal development plans, feedback from peers, progress against objectives (we use a quarterly OKR system), and demonstration of the company’s values and behaviours.

We want to have a clear and shared understanding of performance; enabling talented people to progress by receiving the reward and recognition they deserve. Ultimately we will be better equipped to achieve our ambition, and will better reflect that ambition, by doing our best to support talented people to address the defining issues of our time.

Onwards and Upwards

We want your time at Koreo to be long and happy. If you’re demonstrating our values and behaviours, we know progression will be a big part of that.

We define progression as the opportunity for employees to perform and learn in their current role, as well as preparing for new and/or more senior roles. To help us all picture it, we have a progression journey which shows how each person’s role relates to other roles in the company in the context of areas of responsibility and reward.

It is also shows how someone can join the company and progress to different stages as a result of their performance and ambition, from trainee right through to partner.

Continuous learning

We encourage the organisations we work with to be creative about professional development, and we aim to do the same.

As you will have seen above, your personal development will be a constant part of the conversation here. That also means it will be different for everyone. For some people development might be focused on learning on the job, for others it might be taking part in an internal coaching or learning session, for others it might be more formal external training.

Whatever it is, no idea or conversation is off the table, and we want to hear what you need to push yourself to the next level.



Mapping & Profiling

Understanding your team or organisation, so you can make the most informed decisions.

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Our People

Our People

The Koreo programme team is an multi-disciplinary group based in London, Newcastle and Southampton. The team is supported by a growing consultancy team of experienced associates.

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