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At Koreo we know that social issues are not clear cut.

They are complex, multidisciplinary, and above all about people. Storytelling has always been a powerful tool to connect people and ideas. From Aboriginal Dreamtime to spoken word poetry, storytelling creates a platform through which difficult subjects can be given a voice. This idea led us to wonder: what would happen if we asked young people to tell the stories of the most pressing UK social issues today?

Enter the Koreo Prize.

The Koreo Prize is a national storytelling competition for young people to unlock fresh perspectives on six of the most complex social issues affecting the UK, using any combination of media. A UK first, we’re asking participants to choose one or more of six issues aligned with the UN’s Global Goals: gender equality, social mobility, food security, community resilience, wellbeing and social housing.

We live in unpredictable times. The snow storm of recent political events in combination with the massive impact we are having on our planet, it is easy to lose faith in progress. But now more than ever, we must seek to understand the motivations of people and the complexity of the issues. We must continue to tell the stories of our experience and, in the face of these challenges, focus our attention on ways to regain the ownership of social issues. For our own sanity and for the greater good.

What would happen if we asked young people to tell the stories of the most pressing UK social issues today?

However, we cannot rely on the work of charities alone for social change. Instead, the responsibility should be shared which is reflected by the cross-sectoral movement that is happening today: businesses are becoming more charitable and charities are becoming more efficient. But what we really need is more accessible knowledge of social problems and the Koreo Prize creates a space to make just that.

We all know that understanding a range of perspectives is key to progress and Koreo Prize submissions will explore these problems in fresh and new ways. Participants should seek out different and conflicting points of view, to understand that there are no right answers to complex issues. At the end of the competition we will create a digital archive of the submissions to be shared nationally, creating a powerful body of work, raising awareness and heightening public empathy.

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