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Introducing our Koreo Prize Finalists

Explore our Koreo Prize Finalists 2017 to see their fresh perspectives on complex problems.


Thread is a two part documentary investigating the importance of Koreo’s six social issues to members of the public, and then further exploring the nature of community resilience and the form it takes in the heart of Brixton. Lucas Stanley and Leone Baron are Arts and Sciences students at UCL.

View Thread here.


Re-Humanize explores social mobility through a website comprising photos, writing and visual mapping dealing specifically with asylum seekers and refugees in the UK. Emma Howard and Ross Robertson are 2016 Charityworks trainees.

View Re-Humanize here.

Renters' Rights

Renters’ Rights explores housing insecurity for an older generation of renters, who used to be secure as regulated tenants. Giving a voice to those who aren’t often heard. To highlight the issue we’ve created an audio-visual website tapping into the popularity of podcasts.

Listen to Renters’ Rights here.


‘Mel: Social Issues in 2017’ explores the Koreo Prize themes of Social Mobility, Gender Equality, and Social Housing through a hypertextual short story, dealing specifically with Social Mobility through education. James Jennion is about to begin an MA in International Relations at the University of Leeds.

Read Mel here.


Paradise explores social housing through a theatrical script accompanied by a video, dealing specifically with the consequences of what happens when the housing crisis is ignored. Eliana is currently studying Geography & International Development at Sussex University and Francessca is studying English at King’s College London.

Explore Paradise here.

No honour in Killing

No honour in Killing explores gross gender inequality in Honour Killings in the UK. The submission combines different mediums including an interactive essay, an Instagram campaign, a video and an audio-series. Felicity Abraham is a law student.

Explore No Honour in Killing here.

Is British Politics Failing BAME Women?

‘Is British politics failing BAME Women?’  is a multimedia submission critiquing the intersection of race and gender. It explores why ethnic minority women are rarely seen or heard in British Politics. Jacqueline is the first ever elected female Lambeth Youth Mayor.

Watch Jacqueline’s documentary here.


‘Home,’ explores social mobility, gender, community resilience and social housing through three intergenerational interviews. An accompanying essay adopts an intersectional approach, exploring the interviewees’ experiences of home as influenced by their social positions. Shamica and Anna are aspiring film makers who wish to use documentary film to explore social issues.
Explore ‘Home,’ here

Invisible Voices of London

Invisible Voices of London is an Instagram campaign for Social Housing and Homelessness run by three students. The group spoke to local rough sleepers about their dreams and aspirations before creating a visual representation.

Check out the campaign here.

How to Achieve Gender Equality

How to Achieve Gender Equality explores the multiple and conflicting ways women, and feminine attributes, are not valued. Critiquing language, visibility, context and trust, the submission presents case studies on how women are not valued before suggesting solutions.

Explore the prezi here.


A hundred tiny reasons why I need it

‘A hundred tiny reasons why I need it’ is a feminist piece exploring gender equality through a collection of memories, fictions, and thoughts about today’s society. It demonstrates why we all need feminism and a broader understanding of gender. Isobel is a student interested in understanding and changing the way gender functions in our society.

Check out Isobel’s exploration here.

Soul Relics Museum

Soul Relics Museum explores primarily the issue of wellbeing through an online archive. Wellbeing intersects with various social issues and object is a perfect medium to tell personal stories and memories. Vanessa is a psychology graduate working in the mental health field she is passionate about cross-disciplinary working to effect social change.

Contribute your story to Soul Relics here.

Postcards from Smallshaw

Postcards from Smallshaw explores ideas surrounding social mobility through a series of poetic monologues, dealing with the stories of the residents of one street, Smallshaw Lane, in Ashton-under-Lyne. These postcards question the central narrative surrounding social mobility, and, whilst not negating the issues caused by social inequality in Britain, question the primacy of the promotion of higher education and liberal ideals, even at the expense of local communities.

Read Postcards from Smallshaw here.

Change Enablers

Change Enablers explores Community Resilience through the main documentary supported by the website enlisting the young change enablers, also turning this into a continuous series by inviting other young people to submit their stories and be part of the project dealing with youth community resilience in the UK. Shwetal is Head of Outreach at Drumroll HQ.

Check out the Change Enablers here.

The Gascoigne Estate

Artist Steve Lawes has created ‘Social Housing and Mobility in 2017: The Gascoigne Estate’, a multimedia take on the current London housing crisis through the lens of the Gascoigne Estate in Barking. Steve is a visual artist, poet and social historian working on a variety of community arts projects.


I wear these scars on my arms

‘I wear these scars on my arms as a reminder of the state of society’ explores wellbeing through spoken word; specifically, mental health stigma and treatment from the NHS. There is an audio and written spoken word piece of the story and a third written piece entitled ‘This is not just an individual issue’ exploring others similar experiences. Hannah Brown is a psychology student.

Freedom Vulnerability

Freedom Vulnerability explores a political side of free speech and how we are living in a time in which many spectrums attempt to overthrown societies ability to express their opinions regardless whether they are agreeable or not. The project is a nonfiction dealing specifically with wellbeing not only in the U.K but as well as internationally.

Read Freedom Vulnerability here.

Reacquainting Sensibility

Reacquainting Sensibility explores gender inequality through an installation and short film that explores gender through spatial means, specifically through how our everyday experiences in toilets influences our understanding of gender. Pia De Laborde-Noguez and Justin Seng are 2nd year Arts and Sciences students at UCL.

Check out the concept here.

You can't do nothing, can you?

“You Can’t Do Nothing, Can You?” explores community resilience in a time of heightened immigration issues through documentary film. The film deals specifically with refugees and how local populations can take action to support those in crisis. Mei Leng Yew is an emerging filmmaker, working on short and long-form documentaries on social and political issues.

Watch the trailer here.


Koreo Prize Exhibition in Pictures

Photos, showreels & a speedy tour from the Koreo Prize Exhibition, celebrating our finalists and young changemakers.

See more

Koreo Prize Pop Up Exhibition
7th November
Brick Lane