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Innovation Lab #3

The third Good Women Innovation Lab will focus on Workplace Wellbeing.

The aim of these labs is to create a forum where women across all communities, ages and backgrounds come together to learn, share, grow and create. Each month, we focus on a specific social issue, watching relevant talks and inviting people with expertise in the area to give their insight. Following the knowledge sharing, we open the floor to discussion, which identifies the ideas that resonate most strongly with the group.

The innovation labs are an inclusive group for anyone who feels passionate about the topic, curious about the issue or would like to meet people to create social change. We decided to move away from pre-set outcomes and see what emerges from the community’s collective intelligence. As part of this, we started discussing about the idea of prioritising internal innovation before we generate concrete ideas:

Our greatest resource is our depth. When we access it, we gain perspective and are able to make the most impact in our fields of endeavour. This inner resource, feeds and nourishes us to find the creative ways that are needed for us to define ourselves and influence the world. We are challenging the glass ceiling in so many ways however are we aware of our own glass ceiling? We want to find ways to develop our inner selves, giving us the resilience and perspective to see the challenges without being polarised whilst discussing together issues common to us all.” Alison Manning.

Ultimately, the goal is to challenge the way we see the world; to learn and empower each other to co-create change. We’re curious as to what will emerge: it could be a campaign, a mentorship programme, a business or even a support group. We don’t know what will happen with the innovation labs and that’s what makes them so exciting.

On the 17th of January we will be focusing on Workplace wellbeing (aligned with one of the UN Global Goals) and we are still looking for speakers. Bear in mind that you don’t have to be an expert to speak so if you tackle Workplace wellbeing as part of your work or if you are passionate about this topic, email Floree at floree@koreo.co to get involved.

Sign up for the event here.



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