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VOL. 1

The first innovation lab for the Good Women network was an evening of weird and wonderful, richly diverse connectivity, discussion, and idea sharing.

Sat in the charming, if not ramshackle space of Impact Hub Islington, a group of 20 almost strangers – all women, all wanting to see social change – stopped to consider how to make things happen.

The evening began with conversations over hummus and juice, an introduction to systemic change, and a video about how Wolves have changed the course of Rivers in Yellow Stone National Park which you can watch here. We learnt that systemic change, in a nutshell, is a method that aims to create the largest effect through the smallest change (think of a ripple). By thinking through all the perspectives on a problem, systemic thinkers hope to approach issues with an attuned empathy and knowledge, in order to inspire large social shifts. I think it is fair to say that by this point our Good Women facilitator Floree, an enthusiastic Systemic Thinker, had us all riveted by the social change fire she had stoked.

The evening moved into lively debates on Food Security, Gender Equality, and Social Mobility, where powerful stories of experience and activism were shared. At one point, armed with two post-its, we voted on which of these issues we felt most strongly about. As a group we were quite evenly split in preference, but more importantly the cases for choosing each cause as ‘most urgent’ were so evenly compelling that there was plenty of changed minds by the end of the exercise. On this note, one lady shared an apt metaphor about a humming bird and changeable decisions: she described how often the feeling of being interested in many things is dismissed as being indecisive. Whereas in fact people who pollinate lots of projects are as much needed as experts, and these people are the hummingbirds…

The evening closed with a look to the future, of how we as a group can begin ripples of social change and we left doused in the richness of shared experience and a renewed sense of optimism in femalekind. Until next time.

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Words by @Freyabm
#GoodWomen is facilitated by @_Floree_

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