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The new year is coming soon and Good Women are getting together for the first dose of inspiration of 2017.

Our intention for this event is to host a space where our attendees can connect with as many people as possible whilst creating a safe space for them to share stories about their own work and life experiences.

Come along to have a drink on us and meet some other good women! Get your tickets here.

As always we’ll be running our famous Soap Box, where we open the mic to women from our network, no matter of age, nationality, experience or background. At our October event, we’ve heard stories about meaningful careers; sustainable fashion; feminism and what it means to be a woman; social mobility; addiction and domestic violence; the ocean and how important the coral reefs are for our existence; development and support programmes like Charityworks, On Purpose, Turning Point and BITC – Arc; our relationship with food; experiment-based education for children; and finally, great businesses which are trying to do good through innovation and technology like SPRING and the Health Foundry.

If you would like to share something inspiring, challenging or thought-provoking with our crowd, let us know. You will have 3 minutes to talk about anything at all connected to topics like social or environmental innovation and change. Interested?  Email Floree at Floree@koreo.co.




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