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Flying the Flag for the SDGs

Social change is everyone's responsibility.

In an open letter to the Prime Minister published today, Koreo has joined forces with more than 80 leading companies across sectors to call on the UK Government to demonstrate its commitment to delivering the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Nick Davies, founder of Neighbourly:

“Today’s great companies don’t just want to contribute.  They’re ready to collaborate and build a powerful coalition for change but need the support of government and citizens to help unlock society’s true potential.”

The responsibility for social change should be shared, which is reflected by the cross-sectoral movement that is happening today: businesses are becoming more charitable and charities are becoming more efficient. Today’s letter, co-ordinated by UK Stakeholders in Sustainable Development (UKSSD), a non-profit network of businesses, NGOs and academics, shows we can collaboratively fly the flag for social change through the SDGs.

Our letter to the Prime Minister


What we really need is more accessible knowledge of social problems.

…and we are creating a space to do just that with the Koreo Prize, a national storytelling competition for young people to unlock fresh perspectives on six of the most complex social issues affecting the UK, using any combination of media. A UK first, we’re asking participants to choose one or more of six issues aligned with the UN’s Global Goals: gender equality, social mobility, food security, community resilience, wellbeing and social housing. We have had more th

Tanya Steele, Chief Executive for WWF-UK:

“If governments and businesses work together to achieve the SDGs, they have the power to transform our world and deliver a future in which people and nature thrive.”

You can read more about us as an organisation, the Koreo Prize, and get a preview of submissions from young people looking at the SDGs in a UK context below.

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Koreo Prize

A UK-wide competition engaging young people with the UK’s defining social issues.

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