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Programme Manager

Celine Amer

Celine joined Koreo in 2016 after spending 6 years working in marketing and sales positions within the private sector in France. She is Programme Manager with a particular focus on the Charityworks programme, and loves to learn from and through the passion of change-makers.

Campaigns Manager

Craig Pemblington

Craig joined in Koreo in 2014, having started his career in banking. Having originally read Natural Sciences at university, Craig joined Koreo with a particular passion around inclusion. A campaigner at heart, he can regularly be found on campus convincing people to put purpose at the centre of their careers.

Programme Manager

Daisy Bland

Daisy is a committed social change agent with a focus on people development. Before joining Koreo, she worked with homeless women, social housing communities, and NHS mental health services. Her studies have taken her through the arts, around the world, and into neuroscience in a bid to understand how people develop and grow.

Project Manager

Floree Zama-Neagra

Floree is a passionate community builder. She has more than 10 years’ experience in the social sector, working for AIESEC and Impact Hub Westminster. In recent years, Floree has developed an interest towards social and environmental innovation with a particular interest in systemic change, holistic living and alternative methodologies.

Graduate Trainee

Freya Blundell Meyer

Freya joined the Koreo team after graduating from UCL, where her interdisciplinary studies focused on literature, psychology, and digital strategy. Her interests span mental health, gender issues, and cross-sector collaboration in order to combat the persistent inequalities of society today.

Project Developer

Jordan Rolfe

Jordan joined Koreo in 2014 as an intern before completing the Charityworks programme in 2015. He is passionate about the power of mentoring and coaching as tools for supporting vulnerable young people. As well as mastering these skills himself, he is driven to pass them on through the delivery of our work across the organisation.

Programme Manager

Kat Hau

Having started her career working in management consultancy with some of the biggest names and brands in the world, Kat moved across to the social sector in 2013. Her work is based on the belief that talented people can create positive social change, regardless of the industry or sector that they work in.

Operations Assistant

Kathy Brown

Kathy has responsibility for HR and Finance administration at Koreo, and plays a key role in supporting our talent programmes, with a particular focus on Charityworks. She works out of our Southampton office and makes sure we get paid, the money flows and we stay compliant across the board.

Communications Manager

Kieren Aris

Currently on secondment from the Civil Service, Kieren has workedon social media and public relations at a number of tech organisations, and takes an academic interest in using digital tools in social activism. At Koreo his focus is on storytelling to raise wider awareness of key social issues.

Deputy Director

Ned Younger

Ned joined Koreo in 2010 as the company’s first employee. Since then he has specialised in talent and organisational development for social change, with a particular focus on connecting people and organisations to increase impact. He has led projects across Koreo’s ventures and consultancy work, including the 2014 launch of the Change100 programme.

Chief Executive

Rachel Whale

Rachel is a social entrepreneur and activist with 20-years experience working in and with the social sector. Founding Director of Koreo, she has held leadership roles in a range of organisations dedicated to social impact, led consultancy projects across sectors in the UK and internationally, and founded several ventures dedicated to mobilising talent for social change.

Programme Manager

Tara Rowe

Tara is passionate about equality and inclusion, and particularly proud of her work on the Change100 programme since 2014. She is a Charityworks Fellow, and before joining Koreo worked in healthcare data analytics, marketing and communications, and youth volunteering.

Head of Data

Tim Britton

Tim is on secondment with us from the civil service. He has a keen interest in diversity, championing equal opportunities for the neuro-atypical in particular, and working to challenge the stigma around mental health. Through his work in various parts of government, he wants to improve the way government interacts with citizens, challenging poor practice and simplifying communications.

Head of Operations

Tye McMahon

Tye joined Koreo in 2015, having spent the previous 18 years in senior strategy and leadership roles in the corporate and government sectors in Australia, most recently as Head of Social Strategy, Policy and Service Delivery at the City of Sydney, where he was responsible for 250 people, and a budget of AU$30m.